Monday, April 24, 2006

Fun weekend (may include gaming references)

I had a pretty good weekend. A friend of mine has been travelling all over the west and he swung through town on his return trip. On Friday I invited him up to the family game night and he provided the game "Category 5" and interesting little hurricane themed game that played really well with 8 people. The we played some "Squint" and "Phooie". Overall quite a fun night.

Saturday he came by and we played some Dreamblade (he beat me) and then once my wife got home from all of her morning activites we went out and played some disc golf. The weather couldn't have been better. That night was my monthly "Age of Worms" campaign which also went very well I thought. Sunday my friend went to church with us, we played one last Dreamblade game (he beat me again), had Sunday dinner and he left.

The rest of the day would have been the ideal calm restful Sunday evening, but I had a Family Reunion Committee meeting (my sister and I are in charge) which broke up the otherwise blissful day, but even it couldn't completely throw things off. Overall one of the more pleasant weekends in recent memory.

One final note, the Hubble Telescope is celebrating it's 16th birthday, and they decided to celebrate by releasing this gorgeous picture of a starburst galaxy. If you've got the bandwidth for it I would definitely recommend the zoomable option.

Rested and relaxed for once


Anonymous Ed said...

Glad to hear you've had a good run, considering the "fun" you've had recently.

Nice picture. So much yet to be seen in the universe...

11:02 PM  
Anonymous rob said...

"Squint"? Is this the new family game? I feel so detached, as I've never heard of this.

Thank you for the middle voice: "an interesting little hurricane themed game that played really well..." At a recent conference, a student was investigating why these middle constructions require a verb extension, while their related active doesn't.

(1a) YES: The family played the game well.
(1b) YES: The family played the game.
(2a) YES: The game played well.
(2b) NO: The game played.

Interesting dichotomy, no?

9:40 AM  

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