Monday, April 20, 2009

Cold Fusion on 60 Minutes

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Long time readers may know that I have a soft spot for "Cold Fusion" (though I think they prefer the term "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions") these days. In fact if you look on the right hand side you'll see a link to one of the main Cold Fusion websites (along with some other links that are probably woefully out of date). In any case I've long felt that there was something to the whole idea. And that while it may have been horribly wounded by mistakes that were made early on, that it would end up being a great example of truth eventually prevailing over doubt by dint of massive amounts of experimental evidence.

Anyway it's the 20th anniversary of the (disastrous) initial press conference and people are taking another look (of course some people haven't stopped looking). Including 60 minutes which did a piece on it. I would urge you to watch it, it's about 12 minutes long and they do a really good job of examining the issue, going so far as to ask the American Physical Society, the top physics organization in America, to recommend an independent scientist. They recommended Rob Duncan, vice chancellor of research at the University of Missouri and an expert in measuring energy. Who went from a skeptic to a believer after spending two days at a Cold Fusion laboratory.

There is still the problem that it only works about 70% of the time, and it's not quite ready to give the world unlimited clean energy yet, but the whole thing is tremendously fascinating and exciting.

Coldfusion doesn't work I should know I have had to migrate a lot of sites from it to php.


Blogger hallamigo said...

I love your closing tag.

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Anonymous new ideas99 said...

I wanted more detail in their report. I found the website for the company they mentioned , Energetics Technologies.
They say 2 independent labs have replicated their results. I thought that should have been in the story. Here is a link to their research page

6:18 PM  

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