Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Can Always Blog About the Bad stuff

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Someone commented a while back that the robbers had apparently also stolen my will to blog. That may be true. What I can say is that the final robbery combined with my travel and then my wife leaving town, plus more than the usual level of chaos combined to make March really, really busy, and I feel like I'm only just now starting to see daylight. Busy is good. Business is going really well there are some deals on the table which could be potentially worth millions, the key is that word "potentially". It's in that journey from the potential to the actual that so many good things get beset by cannibals, devoured and made into drums.

In part I had nothing to blog about because, on the whole, things were going well. Fortunately for my loyal readers that couldn't last forever and just this morning I encountered a bunch of annoyances both small and large which served to give me ample reason to vent. A month or so ago I bought this booklet of deals for Midas, a local auto-repair chain. For $40 I got safety and emissions, an oil change and then like 10 more oil changes half of which were free and half of which were 50% off. I figured if all I did was use the inspections and the first oil change I'd be money ahead, so I bought two (one for each car).

Today I finally got around to using one. The big catch to them is that you have to have an appointment. So I showed up for my 9:00 appointment figuring that in the 30 or so minutes it would take I could read my book. Well they said that it was actually going to take an hour and a half. Well I didn't have that much left to read and it seemed like that was a lot of time to sit around. So I decided to walk back to work (where my other car was). It was about 12 blocks (mapquest says it's 1.89 miles) and it took me about 32 minutes to make the walk. Overall not too bad, I like walking, except for the part where this was the one morning I had forgotten my jacket, the temperature was in the 30's and it was pretty windy. My ears did not fall off, but it was a close run thing.

So that got me into a bad mood, then they called and told me that the rear cylinder's were leaking, and one of the bearings was bad and *blah* *blah* in order to pass safety it would be ~$700 in repairs. At this point I told them, hold off on that, I don't have time to do that today, and what I was really thinking is this is what I get for not going to the family mechanic. Well I guess I'll rectify that now and let him make the repairs, even if he can't do them for less at least I'll be giving money to someone I like.

So I hopped into my car, and went to pick up my wife so we could pick up the car. That's when I saw that some (pardon my french...) ASS-DOUCHE had plowed into my parking strip and had completely taken out one of my trees. There's a 3 inch stub sticking out of the ground and no evidence where the other 6 feet went and a gigantic rut through the landscaping rocks... Walking I can handle and should probably do more anyway; Money I can handle and should probably make more anyway; But having some careless assclown blow through the one piece of my yard that I actually liked... In the words of Homer Simpson... "URGE TO KILL RISING!"

Anyway I have some other blogs I'd like to do, so I thought I'd list them here in the vain hope that it will serve as an external commitment to write those blogs.

-Parkinson's Law for Hiring
-Our Vacation Procedure
-Persistent Web Games and Motivation

At the rate I'm going that should keep me busy until Summer.

Tell you what: we come back and everyone's slaughtered, I owe you a Coke.


Blogger aozora said...

So ... have you ever accidentally posted under your wife's account ... ? Well ... ;-P

As for the cranial-rectal inverted story, I am again stunned by the depths to which that human beings can fall.

7:53 AM  

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