Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Birthday Party

Well my number two son turned 5 on Sunday. We celebrated his birthday yesterday. We had a couple of family members down, but most of them wimped out. Which is fine, we live about an hour away from the bulk of my family, and I don't expect them to make that journey every time one of their nephews has a birthday. What we really need to do is move closer. I think we're going to move at some point, but I'm not sure when.

I don't think our current house could contain four teenagers, so that's one deadline. Taking care of parents might be another, though my parents have graciously agreed that when one of them dies that we can euthanize the other. If I switched jobs it might also make sense to move, but at the moment I think we'll stay were we are. Though I can dream.

My main house dream involves a library. My ideal library came to me in a vision while I was watching a pretty awful Jekyll and Hyde play. I'll try and describe it. Imagine a two-story (at least) house, set into a hillside. The front door is back against the hill, so that you enter the home on the second floor. The entry way is open to the front corner of the house (the one farthest away from the hill and the most exposed) which is taken up entirely by a two story library.

Books make me hot


Anonymous john said...

Thanks, your ending tagline just ruined books for me ... actually, all printed material ... sigh.

4:39 PM  

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