Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Politics

Aozora mentioned one of the big political stories of the past few days. If you haven't already heard about it (or if you've heard about it but haven't seen the video) go to youtube and search for "Hillary Clinton 1984" it should be the first result. While the fact that this sort of thing would have been impossible in 2000 and difficult in 2004 is a big story, but I think it's more of a "scene" than the play itself. The play is the slow slide of Hillary Clinton. Everyone assumed that she was going to be the nominee. Sure people talked about how her high negatives might make it difficult in the general election, but no one was really offering up an alternative.

Aozora also mentioned Gore which fits into the "play" as well. I think he has done a pretty good job of maintaining his status as a presidential contender (unlike Kerry) certainly my liberal friends in New York felt like he was going to be the next president. But one wonders if he would be considered with anywhere near the same level of seriousness if Hillary wasn't looking so weak? Of course I think the revelations about his home electricity usage have taken some of the wind out of sails... But even bigger is the Obama story. I figured that he would be something of a flash in the pan (and he may still be after all we're still months and months away from the first primary), but he just keeps getting stronger.

Reading-wise, for my next book, I picked up "French Revolutions" by Tim Moore. It's about a 35-year old brit who decides to bike the entire Tour de France route, despite the fact that he can barely ride a bike, and has done almost no conditioning. So far it's extremely funny, though it got some definitely mixed reviews on Amazon, so we'll have to see. Also he uses a ton of british specific slang, so it's occasionally difficult to know what he's saying.

I was suppossed to donate platelets, since I'm finally not sick, but the last couple of days I started coughing again. I wouldn't worry about it, but it is producing some dark phlegm, so after talking to the med tech we decided to wait a little while longer. Needless to say I blame Ed.

Don't mess with the Murphy Forces


Anonymous ed said...

Blaming me for you getting sick is like blaming the weatherman for the sun rising.

8:48 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

*snicker* Score one for ed ... but also score one for Ross for subtly working in my favorite magic word. Very nice moves.

So can you try on some British-slang or is it too risky?

5:57 AM  

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