Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hind Sight and Tongue Sight

We had a school program to attend last night. All of the grades have studied different continents and so they put together a big production with every grade doing three song and/or dance numbers in the theme of their continent. I asked my wife if I could bring a book to read as long as I didn't read it while our kids were performing. She added the additional condition that I had to help watch the little kids (I think I kept up that end of the bargain, I took the number two son to the bathroom 3 times during the hour long program) but then said it was okay.

The book I took was the one I blogged about yesterday. She hadn't read my blog, when she did she was a little upset, I think. She said something like, "That was the book that was more important that the school program!?" Normally I'm pretty careful to avoid blogging about things that are going to get me in trouble, but that kind of blind-sided me.

On that note, I think I'll end here before I say anything that might get me in trouble (it's probably already too late for that). I do have a link to a story on a device that lets you see with your tongue. It sounds pretty cool. I think there's a real need for things that use other senses than sight and hearing to convey information. Sight in particular seems overwhelmed by all the things we ask of it.

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