Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Potato Wedge Story

Since there was an inquiry I thought I would quickly retell the "Potato Wedge Story". We were playing D&D at my house and we had gotten some KFC and my brother-in-law had a bunch of potato wedges, I forget if he had his own order or if he had just grabbed a bunch from the common pool. But before I get too far I should explain what a potato wedge is. Basically it's a wedge cut (rather than a square cut) french fry with the skin still on.

In any case, in the midst of my bil's pile of wedges was the biggest potato wedge I had ever seen, possibly the biggest potato wedge ever (one assumes the gigantic potato that had yielded that wedge would have produced equally impressive brothers, but none were in evidence.) An evil impulse overcame me, one I found impossible to resist, and just like Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit, I did eat. Such was the unforgivable wickedness of the impulse that I had to first make sure I had my bil's attention. And only then did I take the enormous potato wedge and stuff it into my mouth. So there you go...

After an embarrassingly long struggle (in particular with the last book) I finally finished the "Otherland" series of books by Tad Williams. I'm not sure I can recommend it. For every book one has to make an assessment of it's rate of return. A figure which could be most simply expressed as enjoyment (or perhaps "edification" for the weightier tomes) per page. Given that the entire series clocks in at 3000+ pages, the E has to be nearly stratospheric to outway the very sizable P. It's not and that's why I'm loathe to recommend the series. It is enjoyable, but the length is such that your time might be spent better elsewhere.

What's your E to P ratio?


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Thanks for the background. I can see how it would leave a deep emotional scar.

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