Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A porsche for $5000

American Express is having a special holiday deal where they sell a few select items for a ridiculously low price. (Including a Porsche Cayman Coupe for $5000.) Today's deal was a 40" Bravia LCD flatscreen with a Blu-Ray player for $1500 (normally $4500). We're planning on buying a new flatscreen TV for christmas, so I decided to go for this one. Unfortunately, as you may imagine with only 20 available, my odds were not great and as usual for me (actually not just me, everyone really) when the odds are against me, things don't work out.

Of course, as is so often the case, now I really want a 40" Bravia LCD. You start imagining how cool something would be particularly if it's cheap, but of course even when it turns out not to be cheap, the coolness remains. I'm sure a stern talking to by the wife will convince me that we really don't need a Bravia, but that won't get rid of the whole in my heart where a BRAVIA™ HDTV with a 40-inch XBR®LCD Flat Panel Screen, a 16:9 1080p HD Resolution Panel (1920 x 1080), a BRAVIA Engine™ PRO Video Processor, Live Color Creation System, ATSC Digital Tuner with QAM capability and HDMI™ (High Definition Multimedia Interface) x3 (1080p) used to be (oh and did I mention it has a compass in the stock?).

Other than that, things proceed. I had a case of "The Mondays" yesterday, exacerbated by a series of onerous meetings, which robbed me of the mojo necessary to blog, but in general I am trying to be more consistant, even if such constancy mainly manifests as ennui-laden entries about my unfufilling quest for an anesthesia which violates neither the law of the land or my religion and doesn't get me into too much trouble with the wife (like spending $3500 on a 40" Bravia).

I wanna be sedated


Anonymous ed said...

A compass in the stock? Is this 40" screen tv meant to be moved around?

2:27 PM  
Blogger Ross said...

I'm disappointed you didn't get the reference... Perhaps you need some remedial education in Christmas movies. Ask around a little bit and see if there's some there who can't enlighten you.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous ed said...

It's coming back to me... now I just need to stick my tongue on a metal pole.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Geshin said...

But Ross, if you got the one with the compass in the stock, you might lose an eye.

11:02 AM  

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