Monday, March 05, 2007

Lots of Sleep

I decided that I was finally going to kick this cold over the weekend. In the end I failed I still have a cold, but I did get quite a bit of sleep. I would estimate that I averaged 10+ hours a day... So other than that I didn't do a whole lot. I did take the van in to get it inspected, it passed safety, but after waiting for an hour and a half the Jiffy Lube finally came and told me that there emissions tester wasn't working... Obviously that was annoying.

Other that I played some Zelda, did some work from home (processes that took a long time to run but didn't require a lot of attention), went to church, and had family dinner up in Ogden. So overall a pretty dull weekend. In talking to my co-workers it seems that everyone had a pretty low-key weekend. Probably just that time of year. In any case before this entry becomes even more soporific, I'll wrap it up.

Congested and cranky


Anonymous ed said...

Any time you can catch up on sleep is a good use of time, IMHO.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

Reading your post was the most exciting activity of my whole weekend.

* *

3:41 PM  
Anonymous john said...

" ... and had family dinner up in Ogden. So overall a pretty dull weekend."

You cut me deep, you cut me real deep there Ross (not to mention the others that make up your "dull" family).

11:15 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

I am amazed to hear you're still suffering. I thought my wife was the only one to catch consecutive colds for up to months at a time. I'd tell you to cheer up because you're not alone but it sort of falls down the misery loves company hole.

I second ed's statement btw. I have a healthy appreciation for sleep and low-key (Loki?) dullness. It just oozes "Life is Good."

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

You are no longer invited to our "dull" family meals, but your family is still welcome of course.


7:32 AM  

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