Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Still Sick

Near the beginning of the month when I first came down with my chest cold I considered it inconceivable that I would still be sick at the end of the month when it came time to go to New York. Now I consider it inconceivable that I will have recovered by that time. I considered going in to see the doctor again before my trip, but for some reason I decided not too. I think I wanted to make sure that I gave the current treatment (the slow-acting steroid inhaler) time to work before I gave up on it. I figure if I'm still coughing when I get back then I should definitely go in again.

Other than that things are going okay. I have a donor appreciation dinner tonight. Everyone who donates platelets or blood a certain amount of times gets invited to a big banquet every year. I may not stay for the whole thing, we ended up being pretty desperate for a baby sitter so the one we ended up with would probably like it if we were home as soon as possible, and last year the part where they recognized all the people who've donated a massive number of times was pretty boring. Which is precisely where this entry is headed so I'll wrap it up.

Hacking my way to a 10k victory


Anonymous ed said...

Oh, can you ask your co-workers if I can give blood yet? I've been turned down for about a decade because I served in Europe in the service from '86-87 (apparently they were worried about Mad Cow?)

I'm pretty sure I don't have Mad Cow. I don't even drink de-calf.

10:31 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

Ahh, no game talk ... bummer.

3:13 AM  

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