Friday, February 09, 2007


After being mercilessly berated by my wife to my reaction to last weekend, I've decided to ask myself, "What would Norm do?" I think I'm going to have to look at this question from a figurative rather than a literal standpoint, since I doubt my wife would view hanging out at a bar all day as an improvement. But perhaps I have been a little too "glass is half empty" lately, and it's time to be more "just give me another beer!" (Once again I'm speaking figuratively rather than literally...)

Last night I slept with a humidifier next to my head and I think it definitely made a difference, so I'm hoping that by the time next week rolls around not only will I have a better attitude, I won't be sick. The weekend promises to be relatively low key, so I'm optimistic that it will be a good one, and things have settled down a little bit at work so Monday should be tolerable as well. In fact the rest of February is looking pretty good. Next weekend is a three-dayer. The weekend after that I'm going to the New York Comic Con, principally to compete in the DB 10k, but I also have some friends who are going to for some business (of which I am also involved) plus an old friend from my mission lives out there as well. Last but not least the 18th is my birthday, so overall February promises end well.

Yes... I'll be 36...


Blogger aozora said...

So you get a three-day weekend every birthday? Nice arrangement!

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