Monday, February 05, 2007

Not a bad weekend

Going into the weekend I wasn't expecting much. I was already in a bad mood and, what's more, I was sick. However, with the exception of the aforementioned illness, the weekend was pretty good. I played some Dreamblade online. We re-arranged and cleaned the entire family room to take better advantage of the new TV and to give people enough room to safely play the Wii. The guys came over and we played D&D for the first time in several months. The team I was vaguely favoring won the superbowl. And I found out that the Police are reuniting.

I think in some ways a nice weekend may be worse than the disappointing one. With a disappointing weekend, there's a sense of the lost opportunity of those days off, but since they were largely indistinguishable from the normal weekday, you don't mind going back to work as much. But if you have a good weekend (or even just a decent one) the contrast between the weekend and the workday is that much greater and it becomes really difficult to go back to work.



Anonymous yourwife said...

I remember a Cheers episode in which Norm explains that he drinks cold beer in the summer to cool him down, and cold beer in the winter to bring his body temperature closer to the outside temperature. He could always see the good in cold beer. Can you ever see the good in a weekend?

3:59 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

* chuckles and softly applauds yourwife *

I'm sure the repeated illness isn't helping matters but it sounds like a perspective adjustment could be in order.

Is it safe to ask your opinion of your day job?

3:43 AM  

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