Monday, January 22, 2007

The weekend did not heal me

I think my sleeping schedule is screwed up. On Saturday and Sunday I felt wasted the whole day, and ended up taking naps both days, but when it came time to go to bed I felt wide awake, and both mornings I woke up early (as well as today). I would think that I've managed to split my sleep schedule, but other than Saturday and Sunday I obviously didn't take naps the rest of the week, so that theory doesn't make a lot of sense. Of course part of the problem could be that apparently I'm anemic, or something similar. I can't talk to the doctor about it until Thursday, so at the moment all sorts of theories are racing through my head.

Obviously the head game is part of the problem, things like this end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once I start to wonder why I'm not experiencing any symptoms if I am anemic, I start to question whether every day tiredness isn't something more sinister. We were talking about "burning out" an illness yesterday, and I think it's the same thing. If you decide to be sick and lanquish in bed all day, you're going to feel sicker than if you get up and decide to ignore it. Now that doesn't mean sometimes the best course of action isn't bedrest, but there are a lot of times where attitude is everything.

This shouldn't give anyone the impression that I didn't have any fun over the weekend. My kids and I opened up the two cases of the new set of dreamblade minis I got on Friday. After everything was opened I was short three minis of a 60 mini set, so that was nice, plus I had extras of a lot of really sought after minis, so I would assume that I ought to be able to trade for what I don't have at the release tournament this Saturday.

Blather upon blather


Anonymous Geshin said...

Try 20-30 mins on the bike, pedaling, heart rate at 120-130.

Earlier in the day the better.

That ususally fixes me up, but I need to ride for about an hour.

12:52 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

I'm finding a morning exercise routine really helps me out all around too.

3:23 AM  

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