Friday, January 19, 2007

Sporadic and sophomoric

My posts lately have been sporadic and sophomoric, so I thought that was an appropriate title, plus this post shows no signs of changing that tread. I picked up the World of Warcraft expansion last night. I had planned on waiting for a little while longer, but a bizarre combination of events involving a pre-order from 2005 for a friend, ended up providing me with a copy last night. Needless to say the sons were quite excited about it, and so far they're the only ones who've played it.

In other sophomoric news, much has been made of NBC's bold attempt to reestablish their Thursday night comedy dominance, and I must say that I for one, have quite enjoyed it. "The Office" in particular just keeps getting better, but all four of the shows they have on tap from 7-9 consistently make me laugh.

Once again we're on the verge of the weekend, I don't have as much on tap as last weekend, though I do have to come into work on Sunday, which is always a doner. I have set a goal to get on the exercise bike and spin for a couple of hours, in the back of my head I'm toying with the century idea. So I'll let you know how that turns out. In fact I'm posting about it so that the social pressure will help me actually go through with it. I also think that if I'm actually training for something it might help justify getting a nice bike as a replacement...

Long way to go, short time to get there


Anonymous Geshin said...

How about "driving around without knowing how fast I'm going?"
My speedometer went out on Tuesday, my usual car people, can't get to it until Monday. :P

11:35 AM  

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