Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dreamblade Tournament

Looking back over Monday's entry I realize that I had ended my weekend report before coving the Dreamblade Tournament I went to on Saturday. The tournament was up in Ogden, so it was a little bit of a drive, but unfortunately they weren't holding a tournament in Salt Lake. The occasion of the tournament was the release of the new set, and the price was the most valuable mini from the base set with a new paint job. Four would be given out at each event, two to the top finishers and two to random attendees.

Besides supporting the local Dreamblade community, my only reason for going was to get one of these "alt-paint" minis, and I had several plans of which coming in 1st or second was around plan E. As a result I wasn't too concerned with how well I was playing, I just wanted to have fun. I did have fun and I did play kind of poorly. In four matchs I went 1-3. I even lost to a 12 year old girl. As it turns out losing to a 12 year old was not quite a shameful as it might otherwise have been. That same day there was a 10k tournament in Orlando, and a 12 year old managed to come in 2nd place losing to the #1 player in the world in the final match, and pulling in a cool $1000 for his performance.

In the end I had so many plans for getting the alt-paint that I ended up with two of them. I traded a normal version of the mini plus another rare for the alternate version and a rare I was missing, plus I was one of the people randomly selected to win one as well. It wasn't until much later that I realized that out of the 12 people who had shown up hoping to get on of those minis that I had taken half of them. It made me feel bad, but only for a few seconds...

Largely devoid of conscience


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