Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Office=good, Cubes=bad, Nothing=worse

Aozora asked whether things would be better without cubes... This may be the only thing I can imagine that's worse than cubes, though it's hard to imagine at all. For one thing I have a female co-worker who is constantly complaining about the noise, I'm sure that would definitely get worse if there were no cubes. She'd probably have to quit, hmm... maybe that wouldn't be so bad. And then there's the privacy issue of course, I confess that I'm not always 100% on task and it's nice to be able to hit alt-tab when the boss shows up, of course with these high cube walls it's normally too late, perhaps if I could see him from a longs ways away... Hmm... may be no cubes would be better than I think.

Last night was Family Home Evening, and it was my #2 sons turn to pick the activity. Initially he wanted to go bowling... But somewhere along the way he decided it would be better to have pizza at home and bowl on the Wii. I was grateful for that decision because I'm still feeling poorly and I had a lot I wanted to do. But also I think it was just as fun if not funner. Certainly the youngest kids were able to participate on an equal level with everyone else. Plus it was a heck of a lot cheaper, and we didn't have to drive anywhere. There's some small part of me that feels guilty about going virtual bowling rather than real bowling, but at the moment I can't figure out why that would be.

On a more serious note I'm sure you've all heard about the shootings at Trolley Square. In case anyone was wondering no one I know was even at the mall when it happened. Though despite that my wife was pretty shaken up. I can't blame her, we've been to that mall many times with our family mostly to have dinner, so it's definitely one of those, "There but for the grace of God go I" moments.

A Moment of Silence if you please...


Anonymous john said...

This may sound harsh, but anytime someone goes into a public place and shoots innocent people and then gets killed by the local police, I always think, "good, now God can execute His justice this much sooner and we're rid of one more person who deserved to die."

I'm grateful for our justice system but am even more appreciative of immediate consequences to wrong choices - it saves everyone more time in the end.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous ed said...

It adds a degree of closeness and familiarity when it happens so close to home, really. I can imagine how many people won't be able to go back there for a long time, if ever, even if they weren't there.

5:20 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

Half a world away I read the news in shock. I can't fully imagine the impact of it occurring close by.

I see the act as one of self-indulgent arrogance, beyond my comprehension. I can only hope they find something to fix in a situation that is so horribly broken.

Be safe all.

4:21 AM  

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