Monday, February 12, 2007

Not everything it could be but not bad either

The weekend was pretty good, not fantanstic put pretty good, this describes a lot of things, like The Police Reunion at the Grammys. It was really good, but suffered from only being one song long. I have a hard time understanding this, you finally reunite one of the iconic bands of the 80s, a band that has been broken up for over 20 years, and you have them do one song? I'm baffled.

On Saturday we played Shadows Over Camelot this new game my wife got me for Christmas. It's a multi-player co-operative game, so they made it reasonably tough to win, otherwise it would become boring. Playing through it for the first time and trying to learn the rules it was brutally tough... We played it twice without winning and we didn't even have a traitor... So once again great game would have been better if we could have won, but at least now we have something to shoot for. Health-wise I seem to be ever so slowly improving. Improvement=good. Rapid improvement=better.

Cautiously Optimistic


Blogger aozora said...

Careful now, with all the improvements you might just have a good weekend one of these months and throw a joint out of place. ;-D

Off the wall question: What would your workplace be like if all the cubicles were removed? Better? Worse?

The reason I ask is where I work there are no cubicles. I'm talking rooms that can hold a couple hundred desks, all wide open, general manager to peon.

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