Monday, August 06, 2007


GenCon is next week. I’m getting excited. Of course there is a little bit of guilt associated with this years event as well. If I were being really responsible I wouldn’t be going this year, since money could start getting tight in the next few months. Now I doubt that the cost of GenCon will be the difference between success and penury, but if I keep using that as an excuse pretty soon, in the aggregate, all the stuff I justified that way might very well mean the difference between one or the other. When I originally went to my partners and “sold my soul” to the new company I offered to give up GenCon, but they told me that they wanted me to go because there was stuff I could do for the cause. As it turns out we’re not as far along as they hoped, so I will be doing some stuff for the new company, but not enough, probably, to justify the expense.

I can’t say I’m too broken up about it. Missing GenCon is just hard to imagine anymore. I have so many friends that I only see there and it’s so unbelievably fun, plus the Dreamblade 50k (the first and last) is this year. And while I have around a snowballs chance in hell of actually doing well, since I have hardly ever practice, it would be criminal to miss it after all the time and energy I put into that game… Plus having already paid for the plane tickets and convinced my brother-in-law to come along, backing out now would be difficult…

9 days and counting…


Blogger aozora said...

Who are you trying to convince? Accept that you're going for all the good reasons!

6:34 AM  

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