Monday, July 16, 2007

Big Announcement

Late posting, I might not have posted at all, but I did promise you a big announcement on Friday, and having already dropped the ball on the Tour de France coverage so I figured I'd better not disappoint you anymore. Anyway without further ado, the big announcement: Today, I told my boss (actually my bosses) that I was quitting to start a company with a couple of friends of mine. Yep I'm breaking out of the cube farm, flipping off The Man (not literally) and leaping into the abyss.

One of the advantages of leaving to start a company, rather than just leaving to go to some other cube farm (I actually never would have left where I was just for some other 9-5 job) is that I have some flexibility. So today wasn't my "two weeks notice" it was more, "my time here is coming to an end, and if you help me smoothly transition into being essentially self-employed, I'll help you smoothly make the transition into not having me around." My bosses really appreciated that, and I think the whole thing is going to end up being, to use a cliche, a win-win.

I'm sure at this point you want some details about the company. Well I don't want to blow all the excitement in one post, so the plan is to dribble out details over the next few weeks (plus it's probably not the best idea to just post the entire business plan on the internet). The dribble today involves the really positive reaction of the angel investors we'd talked to so far. One in particular who's already made a dump truck full of money off of his own businesses is really excited by the idea, to the point where he thinks we can set a valuation on it about twice what would normally be expected for a business of this type, because the plan and the idea are just that good...

Cliff diving into water of unknown depth...


Anonymous Ed said...

Congrats on your impending release from the clutches of The Man!

12:16 AM  
Blogger aozora said...

Awesometastic announcement. Congratulations and best of luck with the transition. I will definitely be tuning in for updates.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Fred said...

What about we get special knowledge or are you going to leave us hanging with the fellow bloggers?

6:36 AM  

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