Friday, July 13, 2007

I have failed my loyal audience

I've been pretty bad at posting lately. There is an explanation, but I expect that it will have to wait until Monday, when I expect to make a big announcement. I only recently realized the magnitude of my dereliction. Generally while the Tour de France is in progress I blog not only regularly but expansively. I can only imagine that there are people who are counting on me to keep them abreast of what's happening (I imagine that there is an even bigger group who uses this time as an excuse to take a break from reading my blog, but we're not going to talk about those people.) So I apologize, though you haven't missed much, the first true mountain stage is tomorrow, but this is not to say there hasn't been some excitement. I'll try to summarize it up:
  • Cancellara took the prologue and the yellow.
  • Robbie McEwen crashed hard right near the end of the stage, but still managed to catch up, work his way through the entire peloton and then drop everyone like they were standing still and take the stage.
  • Cancellara showed everyone why he deserves to be in yellow by riding everyone (and I mean everyone) off his wheel in the final 500 M and taking a stage.
  • Vinokourov crashed hard yesterday near the end and was never able to catch back up to the peloton and ended up losing 1:20 on the stage.
  • Zabel who just the day before said "I'm too old for this shit." (He's 37) stayed with the main bunch over the hills and took the green jersey.

Like I said you haven't missed that much. If you want some excitement tune in tomorrow morning.

It will be legen... (wait for it) ...dary!!!


Anonymous Ed said...

A brand new, post-doping Tour de France, with wildcards all around and noone to guide me through the maze of new faces!

It's like the World Cup -- I love to watch it, but I always put it on the Mexican channel because the announcers there aren't as boring and generally more informative. You were my Mexican Tour de France channel.

Oh well, I hope that the announcement is great news! Looking forward to hearing the big news.

10:35 AM  

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