Friday, June 15, 2007

Father's and Sons

Tonight is the annual father's and sons camp out. My boys are pretty excited, mostly about the food I think. I'm pretty excited myself, I don't get to do nearly enough camping, plus it will force me to relax a little bit. Though I actually just had a thought that I could take my laptop and work on some things after the boys are in bed... That should be your first clue that I have way too much on my to-do list...

After hearing that I wasted a lot of time looking for wallpaper my b-i-l posted a link to another big wallpaper site, which struck me as really mean. Similiar to if I'd told someone that I finally kicked my heroin habit, and then having them respond that they knew a heroin dealer and offering to drive me down to the corner he was hanging out at.

All the rest recedes into grayness


Blogger thejunkyswife said...

You know, people strangely love to tempt recovering addicts...not only of wallpaper surfing, but of actual heroin addiction. At least 3 times, people have said things to my husband like, "Too bad you've kicked the habit! I can get the best black tar herion cheap as hell!"


1:10 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

"Simplify, simplify."
--Henry David Thoreau

6:56 AM  

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