Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Report

Well it was a busy weekend, I'm pretty tired. Friday I got together with the guys for some games. We played Shadows Over Camelot and Illuminati: New World Order. We played without the traitor in SoC, so we managed to win without too much trouble, though as usual near the end it was all we could do to keep the siege engines in check. INWO was quite fun as well, though one of my friends misread the rules and thought that to win you had to reach the victory condition and then maintain it for one complete pass around the board (in reality you just have to hit it on your turn and the game is over). As a result the game lasted a lot longer than it should have. I wouldn't have minded except I had to get up early the next morning to go hiking.

Saturday I went hiking for about three hours, good exercise, but after not getting enough sleep the night before, it really wiped me out. That night we had the family campaign, which went pretty well, although I think my son may get into character a little too much. He plays a monk so he spends most of the session doing shadow kung-fu at his corner of the table. Sunday was church and then a drive up to Ogden for another family gathering. Monday I tried to get some work done around the house and then we had another family gathering that evening. So overall a very enjoyable weekend, but very tiring as well. I think it actually feels like something of a break to be at work.

In other news, it looks like the Jazz are about out of the playoffs. The theory used to be that if I watched the game they would do poorly. And Saturday seemed to bear that out somewhat. Since I was at the family campaign there was no opportunity for me to even tune in, and they did awesome. Monday I took it even a step further, I wasn't even aware that they were playing until this morning (for some reason I thought the game was tonight) but of course they still lost, so I guess there goes that theory, not that I ever believed it, but it made a nice narrative.

Going to bed early tonight


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