Monday, May 14, 2007

Trees and Guitar Hero

Well I did something pretty dumb yesterday. We were putting up a tarp in the back yard yesterday and we had decided to tie of the two corners to trees growing out of the ravine behind my parents house. My dad happened to mention that last time he had done this he had climbed the tree. I figured if the old man could do it then I could. Of course I happened to be wearing sandals, so that should be your first clue that this story doesn't end well.Anyway so I went down into the ravine. The tree I wanted to climb actually had two trunks which split about a foot above the ground. So I stepped into this "V" braced my fore arms against each side and started to shimmy upwards. Well I was only a little ways up when my feet slipped.

At that point my forearms were all that was holding me up. I use the term "hold" very losely because I immediately started to slide, also not an ideal term since there was a lot more grinding then sliding involved. After a few seconds of intense pain I dropped out of the tree. Initially it was my shoulders that hurt the most, from where they'd been bent up and back at an angle beyond their design specifications. But it didn't take too long for the tree rash which streched from the inside of my elbow to the inside of my wrist to start stinging. I thought the stinging was pretty bad, but the worst came only after I revealed my injury to my wife. (No I'm not talking about a caustic beratement.) After washing my injury, she thought she should spray on a temporary bandage. Initially I thought this sounded like a good idea as well, little did I know that it would hurt like the stings of a million bees. That will teach me I suppose.

Earlier in the weekend I finally got a chance to play Guitar Hero (II actually). I'd heard nothing but praise for it, from the moment it was released, and several times I was a submit button away from buying a PS2, but I never did. The reviews did not lie, Guitar Hero is awesome. The only thing keeping me from immediately rushing out and buying a PS2 are the reports that Guitar Hero III will be available for the Wii. Still it can't come soon enough.

I wanna be a rock star


Blogger aozora said...

Sorry to hear things didn't go so well with the tree-business. For me the "caustic berating" would've been as bad as the injury as soon as I was stabilized enough to receive. >;-D I don't know about the spray-on type band-aid things but there's this stuff that comes in a tube here that qualifies as "Worse than the Injury". It was certainly more painful than salt in the injury.

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