Monday, May 07, 2007

Titan Quest

Many moons ago a co-worker told me about a new game he was enjoying called Titan Quest. It's essentially a Diablo (or perhaps more accurately a Diablo II) clone set in Ancient Greece. It sounded like a lot of fun (of course they all do) but at the time I vacillated, and eventually "Responsible Ross" won out over "Gamer Ross". There are good and bad points to the wait. The good points include the fact that not only is it fully patched, but that the expansion is out as well. Also there's plenty of information online including a character editor.

The bad side is that having eventually succumbed I'm in an even worse place (in terms of other stuff I need to take care of) than I was when I first heard about it. Oh well I guess them's the breaks. I can draw some comfort from the fact that if I wasn't using Titan Quest to procrastinate it would probably be something else. As I mentioned it's basically a Diablo II clone or what they call an "Action Role-Playing Game". Rather than having five (later 7) well defined classes, they have 8 masteries. Each character can select two which means there are 36 possible classes. Obviously there's no shortage of variety.

So far I'm enjoying it, but I'm at most 1/6 of the way through so we'll have to see if it holds up, and whether "Responsible Ross" manages to reassert himself at some point. If nothing else my son is having fun with it, so that's enough for me. I'm going in for an endoscopy tomorrow, assuming that I can get them to reduce the drugs enough for me to regain consciousness sometime before Wednesday, maybe I'll have a good block of time to play it tomorrow. If for some reason I don't regain consciousness in some reasonable amount of time (and possibly even if I do) there won't be a blog tomorrow. The drugs are my big worry, I never even remember the procedure itself, but for some reason the drugs hit my like a ton of bricks. The money quote is always, "He's not recovering as fast as we would like... In fact he doesn't seem to be recovering at all..."

Now we see the consequences of a youth spent foolishly avoiding all drugs


Blogger aozora said...

Your first hint should be: "I'm going in for an endoscopy tomorrow".

No clicky-clicky hack-n-slash should be able to distract you from your appointed duties.


6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean you act the way you do SOBER?

3:36 PM  

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