Thursday, May 10, 2007


Every so often I'll hit on some trick that really helps me be productive. The problem is that none of these tricks last very long. Partially I think that I already have to be in a manic phase, not to say that I'm bipolar, more to say that my ambition and drive ebbs and flows like most other peoples. Secondly I have to be engaged with a project that is interesting and motivating all by itself. Finally, whatever the trick is eventually my powerful sloth infection develops an immunity to the trick. Fortunately it's not a life time immunity and sometimes if the mania is already flowing I can dust off some old trick and get some more work out of it.

What is my current trick you might ask? Well its pretty simple really, in fact it may fall under the category of an old trick that I've lost my immunity to. Basically I make a short list of small things to do, followed by a small reward (generally surfing political websites) followed by another short list of things to do. Then I treat each little list as a sprint. As I said, nothing too extraordinary, and I'm sure that I'll develop an immunity to it within a week or two, but for now I'm feeling... effective. Oh yeah, you heard me, effective. This is only day two with this trick so I'll let you know how far I make it.

Occasionally you can teach an old dog new tricks


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