Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Endoscopy

Well the sedation wasn't nearly as bad this time as it was the last time. I guess they're using some new drug which wears off a lot more quickly. They still wheeled me out, but this time I had to pretend to be totally out of it so I didn't feel guilty about the valet service, rather than actually being out of it. This is not to say that I didn't feel some effects. I ended up sleeping for about 5 hours (3 hours after I first got home and then another 2 in the afternoon) yesterday and my head still feels a little bit "cottony".

My big worry is that I would be too out of it to go to Les Misarables last night at the local theater. In the past that would have been dicey, but it worked out just fine yesterday. Of course the general agreement was that it would have been better for me if I been out of it. The man playing the role of Jean Valjean had played that role on broadway, 20 years ago... Also some of the female leads had a weird cadence. The ensemble was great and Javert did really well but over all it wasn't quite the transcendent experience one might have hoped for.

Still the people in Utah can't seem to get enough the play was suppossed to end this weekend (as I recall) but it's been held over. They keep adding new weeks, they just added the last week of June, so at this rate it will only go away when the new season starts at the end of September. We're planning on getting season tickets again, though I only recognize three of the seven plays. They're opening with "Paint Your Wagon", doing Midsummer as the obiligatory classic, and ending with Mel Brooks' "The Producers". The rest include, "Doubt", "The Foreigner", "The Vertical Hour" and "The Heiress". With the exception of one they all sound okay. The exception "The Vertical Hour" is a mediation on the Iraq war, and I'm not sure I want to step on that IED.

Apparently I fought the sedation, not sure if I landed any blows though


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Becky and I went to Les Miserables, we actually found Fantine and Eponine to have really good voices most of the time (it seemed all but one person had their high and low points). The bishop was the one person who sounded great during his entire, yet short, part. Also, congratulations on your very quick recovery from the anesthesia. Spending the rest of the day in a cloud is just no fun at all.

~Other Rob

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

I've watched about a handful of plays in Utah, but one of my favorites was "A Little Less Miserables"

4:31 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

I an a complete barbarian, having forgotten every play I saw in the Ashland Shakespearian Festival and never attending one since.

Karma ensured my better half is a ballet aficionado ...

6:16 AM  

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