Friday, May 18, 2007

Dreamblade Tournament

Well there's a Dreamblade 1k tomorrow here in town. I'm woefully unprepared, in part because of a lack of time and in part because my interest in Dreamblade is in something of a trough. That, coupled with the fact that none of my friends are coming with me, has left me mostly ambivalent about attending. Perhaps it would help if I made a pro and a con list.

Could win up to $500
Will almost certainly have fun
I'm #1 in the state I should defend my title
Could meet some interesting people
I'll get practice which could help me at the GenCon 50k
People expect me to be there
I'll be supporting the Dreamblade Community

It's that last point which probably pulls on me the most. Dreamblade is an awesome game and it really deserves to be successful. Even though, in the ever oscillating cycle of my own interest (picture a sine wave), my excitement is at a low point, that doesn't mean that I still don't really want the game to do well.

The tournament costs $45
It will probably take 6-8 hours of the day
I haven't practiced hardly at all
The product I get will mostly be duplicates of what I already have
Could end up being a complete waste of time
None of my friends are coming with me

Again its the last point (actually probably the last two points) that carry the most weight. At this point I'm still planning on going, but we'll see. I'll let you know on Monday. Course as people often say, "Most of my regrets come from not doing things, very few come from doing something." I guess if I were to follow that advice I'd be there with bells on.

The Human Sine Wave


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