Wednesday, May 16, 2007

City Library

On Monday night, for Family Home Evening, I took the family to the downtown city library, since it was my turn to choose. It's quite a spectacular building (it's even won some awards scroll to near the bottom). One thing it incorporates, which seems to be very popular these days, is a rooftop garden. I actually intentially parked far away so we could walk across the grounds a little bit. Then we took the long curving stairs up to the roof, before dropping down into the library.

I hate to admit this but I don't go to the library very often. Mostly because I have more books at home then I could ever read, so it's rare that I need to supplement my collection with a library book. But I wish I could go there more often. It's obvious that the new library is more popular than the old library. They went to a lot of effort to make it into a place where people could hang out. Obviously a lot of the "hanging out" revolves around the internet kiosks, but there's a lot of people who go there to study and read as well. I found myself experiencing jealousy, particularly for people who appeared to be homeless (I'm going primarily off the size and wear of their backpack). How would it be to dispense with it all (except the wife and kids, they're getting old enough to be able to haul a backpack) and hang out at the library all day?

In other news Blizzard has given notice that they're going to be making a big announcement this Saturday in Korea. If I had to choose I'd probably want it to be Diablo III, or some new world (very unlikely), but my money is on "World of Starcraft". Starcraft is huge in South Korea, so right off the bat it seems unlikely to be a non-starcraft game (another RTS, i.e. Starcraft 2, would be the other possibility). Blizzard is in a class by itself, so I'll definitely be picking it up whatever it is, and I personally know a hundred people just like me, so whatever it is, it should be a success. Recently they seem to be announcing closer to the actual release, so my other hope would be that whatever it is, it's coming soon.

I'm not very good at waiting

Late Edit: Further research revealed that the countdown to "question mark" front back of is mirrored on the site Too bad of all the possible game announcements that's the one I'm the least excited about...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you really just say you were jealous of homeless people?? I can't honestly believe that you actually think they just decided to "dispense with it all" in order to hang out at the library. Try being jealous of people who go there for leisure, not for shelter.


2:07 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Let's see, Blizzard announces SC2 shortly... which means which should see it in Beta 2009.

4:14 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

Becky, there's no shame in being envious of the homeless, especially those who chose to hang out at a library as opposed to other options. In most cases it is a free choice, despite what some would have you believe.

As for the game topics ... meh. Diablo is way too "clicky-clicky" for my taste. Number crunching strategy gets old too. I play that game enough at the day job. I want a persistent RPG inserted into an environment like Strategy/Sim base like Knights & Merchants (a Settlers rip-off I'm told).

5:49 AM  

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