Friday, June 01, 2007

To blog or not to blog

I was considering not blogging. I mean it's not as if, at this point, I have some perfect record I'm trying to preserve, and things have been quite hectic. For example (without going into much detail) a big meeting that I thought was going to take place the first week of July has been moved to the first week of June. Plus I'm trying to clone a server for someone over in marketing before they leave on vacation. But I'm currently waiting on tech support to call me back on that last issue, so I figure I have a couple of minutes to spit something out.

The weekend promises to be one of the most open I've had in awhile, but because of the meeting which was moved from July to June it may be as busy, if not busier than many of my other, very heavily scheduled weekends. Other than church the only thing we actually have scheduled is the "Granddaughters of Brigham Young" Luncheon that my wife and oldest daughter are going to. All the direct female descendents of Brigham Young have a big swanky luncheon every year, as far as I can tell most of the agenda is filled up with really, really good rolls, and arguments over which wife Brigham liked best, but of course I don't get to go, so I have no way of personally verifying anything.

Well that's about it. Have a good weekend.

The enemy of the good is the best


Blogger aozora said...

I've heard a similar quote around my day job. "Perfection is the mortal enemy of the perfectly acceptable" or something like that. It teetered right on the edge of practicality but smelled of an excuse to get away with doing the minimum.

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