Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not a moment to spare

I have like ten minutes before I have to head for my first meeting. And then it's more or less solid meetings the rest of the day. Then I have to hurry home and pick up my daughter and head downtown for a concert. I'm guessing that by the time I get home from that it will be bedtime. Then tomorrow I'm already leaving work early to catch a plan. As I reviewed this in my mind this morning, I realized that there's really no time for me to pack before my plane. Obviously that's not entirely true I can stay up late tonight, or leave from work even earlier tomorrow, but certainly there's no big block of time for it.

Not sure if I mentioned this already or not, but having finished the "Otherland" series I decided that my next book should be "From Dawn to Decadence" I have a feeling that going from a 3000 page sci-fi/fantasy series to an 800 page cultural/historical book was not the best transition if I want to maintain my reading mojo, but I guess we'll have to see. I'm still in the introduction, but I can already say that the writing is simultaneously very accessible but not dumbed-down in the slightest either.

Things are happening too quickly


Anonymous ed said...

Could be interesting, but it could also be some contemporary guy reading back into history too much. Let us know how it turns out.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Ross said...

It's by Jacques Barzun ( And after writing over 40 books, this one is widely considered to be his swan song, so I have high hopes.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Geshin said...

"Things are happening too quickly"

sounds like a life "gone ballistic" :)

9:59 AM  

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