Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The interesting thing about the comment from aozora is that I do repel. I haven’t done so recently, but I’ve done it enough in the past that I have every confidence that I’d have no problem doing it again. So while I would never argue against the idea that “repelling is something the vast majority of geeks can’t do.” I’m at least one geek who can. Or maybe that’s just more evidence of the holes in my geek creds, I haven’t played Talisman, and I have repelled… On to current events:

Well recently I’ve been having some car problems with the van. It’s commonly believed that I have bad luck with cars. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, even if you redefine it as “probability has not been kind to you”. I do know that it’s rare for me to have a car problem that doesn’t end up being more annoying than I think it should be. A few weeks back I took the van in to get the brakes done. While I was there the mechanic pointed out that I probably needed an alignment, since my passenger side front tire was wearing unevenly. So a couple weeks later I finally got around to it. As soon as I started driving I could tell that something was wrong with the front driver’s side tire, but I figured that whatever it was I could get the tire store to fix it. Well when I got there, as I believe I mentioned in a previous blog, it turned out that they could replace the tire, but they didn’t do alignments or really anything else other than replacing tires. So I got a new tire, and fumed…

That was on a Friday, so my next chance to get something down was the next Tuesday. I took it to Sears and told them that I needed an alignment, and that I was having problems with the front driver’s side tire. In between Friday and Tuesday I had talked to the mechanics in my family and they thought it was a bad bearing, so I mentioned this to the folks at Sears. I guess that was my big mistake, because they spent so much time verifying that the bearings were okay that they completely missed a big dent in the rim of the tire. Even so I can’t help but thinking it was pretty sloppy. I mean I guess they had two different people take it out for a test drive (one of whom was evidently the manager) and they still couldn’t figure out what the problem was? In any case after that I took it back to my main mechanic and he easily discovered the problem, so now I have to go back to the tire place and get a rim… assuming they do rims…

What doesn’t destroy me makes me stronger


Anonymous Ed said...

I think all geeks know how to repel, at least on a social level.

One thing I regret about my childhood is that I should've really learned more about auto mechanics from my dad.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous hallamigo said...

My father restores antique cars as a hobby and I know very, very little about cars. Although it hasn't been all too bad; my dad fixes my car(s) and I fix his computer.

9:24 PM  
Blogger aozora said...

Founding a website that featured custom D&D adventures pretty much sealed your Geek Creds long before the Dreamblade ranking and other assorted sundries.

Max punny-points for ed! ;-D

6:43 AM  

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