Monday, September 17, 2007


Well I had a friend in town from California over the weekend, so I spent much of my time hanging out with him. We played this Days of Wonder game Colosseum which was a lot of fun. Essentially the idea is that you’re a Colosseum owner (apparently there’s more than one) and you win by putting on the most successful show (as measured by attendance). You have various shows you can put on each with different requirements. So for example one show might require two gladiators, an actor, an arch, a lion and a potted plant (half of the fun is imagining what the show look like with those components.) If you don’t have all the components required you can still put it on it just attracts fewer people. I had one show that required an arch and two actors, but could be staged even if you were missing two of the components. I can only imagine what a show involving a single arch would look like.

I also did the family campaign. I was having a hard time getting everyone at the table, so that I could spring this gigantic trap just as I got everyone seated my friend (the one in town for the weekend) called me on my cell. He had my car at the time so obviously I had to take it, but I took quite a bit of ribbing for interrupting the game after I’d given everyone else such a hard time for delaying things. But other than that I thought it went pretty smoothly. I’m running them through the “Savage Tide” adventure path and at the moment they’re trekking south across the Isle of Dread after their ship wrecked. They just made it past the gargoyles and they’re about to… oh wait they read this blog I guess I can’t give away the horrible demonic doom they’re about to encounter.

Of course the real excitement didn’t take place until Sunday. My dad had a little bit of water running on some of the bushes in front of the house, the problem is that if you’re not really careful you can flood the basement. Well one of my nephews was outside playing just before dinner and he came across the tap, and turned it all the way up, so instead of a trickle of water it was a geyser. Then we all sat down for dinner. It wasn’t until we sent the kids downstairs after dinner that the “leak” (as the kids initially called it) was noticed. We wet vac’d that puppy for probably an hour and they were still at it when I had to leave.

Loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix.


Blogger aozora said...

"Loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix."
Curious closing if there ever was one.

My first thought was if I were lonely, thus probably a little depressed, I'd eat more than is healthy. I haven't gotten much farther.

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