Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Report

The first two paragraphs are cross-posted from a family blog, so for those of you that have already read them, skip to paragraph three...

So my #1 son started reading "The Fellowship of the Ring" on Friday. My immediate reaction was that despite the fact that he is a really good reader that he's only 8 and it was going to be tough for him to finish something that massive and dense. So I offered to race him, since I figured that a little competition with the old man might give him the needed push. Well he was too smart to agree to a competition where we were on even footing, he countered (or perhaps my wife suggested) that I have to read the entire trilogy while he only reads The Fellowship. I agreed to this even though I was pretty sure I didn't have time.

At that point we bargained over what each person got if we won. The son (after his initial idea of $20 was rejected) said he wanted to buy three books off the book order (the one the school is always sending home). For my part if I win (which seems unlikely unless he completely bogs down) then he will be given the choice of finishing the trilogy or reading three other books I select. I'm thinking "Wizard of Earthsea", one of Heinlein's juvenile novels ("Have Spacesuit...", "Red Planet", "Space Cadet", etc.) and then one other (I'm open to suggestions). Last I checked I'm in chapter 7 of Book 1 and he's starting chapter 4. I'll keep you posted on the progress of the race.

Other than that I spent a big chunk of time (~8 hours) watch the whole first season of "Avatar: The Last Airbender". It's a kids show that gets played on Nickelodeon, and it's really, really good. I can't recommend it enough. And it wasn't just me that got into, my wife, if anything, likes it even more than I do, and of course the kids like it. The show really has a lot going for it, just off the top of my head I can think of five elements that it does really well. 1- The premise is excellent, 2- Not only are the protagonists sympathetic, but the major antagonists are sympathetic as well, 3- The world/setting is very detailed and totally compelling, 4- The fight scenes are awesome, 5- They've managed to strike just the right balance between humor and seriousness. Anyway, the first and second seasons are out on DVD, so if you get a chance pick it up.

A man came up to me and said "I'd like to change your mind, by hitting it with a rock," he said, "though I am not unkind."


Anonymous Ed said...

It's awesome you've gotten your kids to read so much!

11:41 AM  
Blogger aozora said...

"cross-posted from a family blog"
Ah ha! I knew you were holding out on us! ;-P

4:29 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

I heartily agree with your comments about Avatar. I normally can't stand most cartoons, but I love Avatar. On a sad note, Mako, the actor who provided the voice of the uncle, died earlier this year. I'm not sure what they will do for future seasons, but I'm very sad that he will not be part of it.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would definitely recommend "Have Space Suit will Travel" I think that was the first SciFi book I read as a kid and I really enjoyed it. I would suggest for the third book: Tom Sawyer to balance the other two SciFi/Fantasy books.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous hallamigo said...

That last comment sounded like Sti. Is it truly him? Has he returned to the fold?

9:10 PM  

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