Wednesday, October 31, 2007

300th Post (on Blogger)

I obviously didn't time it right, I should have timed it such that the end of my month of blogging every day, fell on the same day as my 300th entry. In fact tomorrow would have been better for other reasons as well. But of course I'm kind of opposed the numerological mysticism inherent the idea anyway, so if you were hoping for something epic, today is not the day, maybe tomorrow.

Today is mostly being consumed with setting up my "new" laptop. I put new in quotes because it's new for me, but it's not new as in recently purchased. My boss gave me his laptop and he bought a new laptop for himself. I suppose I can't blame him, particularly since I'm not going to be here for very much longer. Anyway as anyone familiar with computers can tell you getting them set up the way you want is incredibly time consuming. Particularly since my boss restored this one to factory defaults, which means that in addition to installing all the programs I need I had to uninstall all the crap it came pre-loaded with (my favorite was an icon to connect to AOL with dial-up, not now, not ever).

Overall it's gone reasonably smoothly though there was a moment when I threatened death to all and sundry if I didn't get admin rights on that puppy ASAP!!! The cause of my rage was a pre-loaded application that kept trying to install, it would find out that I didn't have sufficient rights and throw an error. When I hit cancel it would immediately attempt to install itself again, creating a perpetual supply of pop-up warnings.

It goes without saying that Microsoft annoys me


Anonymous hallamigo said...

My install of Debian Linux with Gnome as the desktop and all my apps takes about 1/5 the time of getting Windows XP installed and patched. (Don't even start me on Vista).

Although, I have come to the conclusion that I will always have to have Windows on a computer at home solely to avoid one of my kids coming home and saying, "Dad, they've got this really neat OS at school called Windows!"

10:16 AM  

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