Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Physical Reactions to Psychological Events

It's always surprising and somewhat interesting when I realize that I'm having a physical reaction to something that's purely psychological. One of the best known examples of this is the Placebo Effect. Though this particular example has recently been called into question so perhaps I won't spend much time on it. Perhaps even more common than the Placebo Effect though less perhaps less widely recognized as an example of this phenomenon is heartache. Hopefully you don't have too much experience with this, but I think everyone has experienced physical reactions to psychological grief.

Another area where people frequent self-report physical reactions to mood is in the area of stress. I think I'm experiencing that right now. But I'm not sure. For one thing I don't have any huge looming deadline that I'm struggling to meet. I have huge deadlines but none are immediate or impending. For another I wouldn't self-evaluate as being incredibly stressed (very, really, hugely, but not incredibly). I think it has to do with the number of balls I'm trying to keep in the air as it were. None of them is particularly stressful, but there's so many of them...

I've often heard that men are bad at multi-tasking. I'm not sure if that's necessarily what this is, but just trying to determine what needs to be done when and where, what should be done first, how it should be done and who I need to talk to is proving to be... stressful. Possibly more stressful than I have previously admitted. In any event I'll keep you posted.

Ulcer's appear on the horizon


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