Saturday, October 27, 2007


On Wednesday I sneezed and threw out my neck (basically it was painful to move it at all to the left). It was getting a little bit better every day, but was still bothering me quite a bit on Friday during the Family Campaign. And then sitting in the hard kitchen chair started my back acting up, so overall I was kind of miserable and grumpy (for which I apologize to the good people who had to put up with it). So I finally decided that it was time for a muscle relaxant. I'm pretty careful about using them because it generally wipes me out for about 18 hours.

Sure enough I slept from about 10:30 on Friday night till 9:30 Saturday morning and then took a nap from 12:30 to 3:30. So of course I was way behind on what I wanted to get done. In between all that, I forgot to blog... But through the magic of the internet I'm going to backdate this blog to last night. And it will be like it never happened.

A little deception never hurt anyone


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