Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ambivalence and Mania

One of the readers of my blog said that my last post sounded ambivalent, his concern was that I am no longer excited about my new company. I'm not sure if ambivalence is the right word, but I am busy enough that it's hard to let my natural joie de vivre shine through all the time. It's actually kind of paradoxical that I should appear grumpy (though I don't deny it) because the last couple of days I really hit a productive cycle. For instance last night I was up till 1:00 working on the business running mostly on adrenaline. And as is usually the case when I get into these sorts of quasi-manic moods I don't feel particularly tired today.

I don't want to give people the impression that I'm bi-polar, though I think to an extent everyone is a little bit, and to that extent I'm sure I suffer from that condition, perhaps even to a greater extent than average, but certainly not at the level where it would be diagnosable. Of course when you're really feeling the need to work, not being able to is even more disappointing and frustrating, since you're aware of all the things you could be doing if it wasn't for this appointment, or this interruption, or this blog entry...

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