Friday, October 12, 2007

Hospital Visit

Once again, I almost forgot to blog, but this time I remembered on my own. The wife and I were supposed to go play some games with two other couples, but right before we were going to arrive my wife got a call on her cell phone. Turns out the number one son had thrown-up, and then passed out, falling straight backward and cracking his head pretty hard on the floor of my Mother-in-law's kitchen. So we drove the rest of the way, dropped off the drinks and the games and quickly drove back.

So from there we headed home. The wife then headed to the emergency room, and I'm here with the kids. The emergency room is as much about getting the cut in his head stapled as it is about the throwing up, but it will be good to make sure that both conditions get the attention they deserve. I haven't heard any updates since they left for the emergency room. But I'm sure I'll give you a full update in tomorrow's blog.

Better go check on the kids


Blogger aozora said...

I'm pretty sure the crowd would have forgiven you for either illness or injury.

Also hope things went well for your boy.

4:17 AM  

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