Friday, October 05, 2007

Test successful (sort of)

So last night I didn't watch the Cubs get beat, in fact I didn't even know they had been beat until five minutes ago when I finally went over to ESPN to check. I did, think about the game a couple of times last night, but if I'm really that powerful then there's no stopping me. So my contention would be that me watching a game has no impact on the outcome, at least as far as the Cubs are concerned. Though as Ed will tell you we have not ruled out the Jazz. I know I said that I didn't really want them to go all the way this year, but I did want them to acquit themselves a little better than this, of course they are headed back home so there's still a chance they'll make it exciting.

In other news I'm volunteering this year for the chess club at my kids elementary. I've done it for the last two years, and generally it's been reasonably enjoyable, but this year it's nothing but stress. There was another bigger more competitive club at a nearby elementary, but that went away so all the competitive kids with their competitive mothers are now showing up to our chess club. This by itself wouldn't be so bad except that they want to remake our club in the image of the other club. So we started a lot earlier in the year, we meet every week (rather than every other week), there's three times as many kids, they want to do t-shirts and have dues, and the list goes on. The guy who has always been in charge of our chess club has put up a valiant fight, but I think that ultimately we're out-gunned.

Being sort of self-employed now I only work half a day and I get to choose which 12 hours it is


Anonymous Ed said...

Hopefully the kids are still having fun and learning, and it's not about parents trying to succeed vicariously through their kids.

Fight the good fight!

3:13 PM  

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