Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A quick note

I've finally got myself into a position where I can really dig in and get some work done. One of the problems I had last week was that I had something every night. It's tough to really dig into something when you have an artificial stopping point, most work does not easily lend itself to being split into nice definable chunks. Mostly you just have to do it till it's done. Of course even today things are not as straightforward as they might be. Whatever bug got the #1 son, got the #2 son yesterday and appears to have hit the wife as well. Neither appear to have suffered as badly as the #1 son, but full health is always preferable to even the mildest bug.

Well as I said in the title this is a quick note, the quotidian details of my life are too mundane to share, but perhaps tomorrow something exciting will happen. If not I can always tap into my rage... Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Pressure is building


Blogger aozora said...

"quotidian?" Are also hooked on Word of the Day? >;-D

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Spanish retains this Latin word as "cotidiano," where it has a mundane feel, like "daily (quotidian) chores."

8:53 AM  
Blogger Ross said...

You busted me. Quotidian was just barely the word of the day on Dictionary.com's mailing list. But that is not to say that I didn't already know the word, rather I was reminded of the word, in the sense of "Oh yeah, 'quotidian' I should use that word more often."

And yes, the way I used it was somewhat redundent, it would have been better to say, "the details of my life are to quotidian to be interesting" or something like that.

10:25 AM  

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