Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Late nights

Under my current work arrangement I work 9 hours on Monday's and Wednesday's at the "day job". To keep from working to into the evening I try to show up to work early, but the other job often keeps me up pretty late (last night I was up until 1!:30). I think part of my weariness is due to this dichotamy, and much of it is just due to general stress. Of course my big goal for today, which I am powerless to really do anything towards, is to keep any other members of the family from getting sick. The wife seems to be past the worst of it, so that's good.

Last night when I was over at my new office I got a call from my #1 daughter, wondering what to do with the kids now that it was bedtime and my wife was asleep. I told her to wake her up, assuming that she wouldn't mind, and indeed she didn't. In fact she had instructed the #2 daughter to do just that, but at 4 years old the #2 duaghter is still a little bit flighty. I was glad that my daughter felt comfortable calling me. Obviously I don't want constant calls, but I'd far rather have her (and the rest of the kids) err on the side of too much calling rather than too little.

As you can see my life has not gotten dramatically more interesting, but we did, once again, avoid tapping into my rage, so I guess that's something to be grateful for.

I think I'll be a restless, and vaguelly disaffected 30-something for Halloween


Blogger aozora said...

You may not want to read the rest of this post but ....

Your life is idyllic for those of us at that stage of life where the spotlight shifts and we are relieved -- nay, "energized" -- to work support.

I love Word of the Day and I only noticed because I had no idea what quotidian meant.

6:46 AM  

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