Friday, October 19, 2007

Chess club

A few weeks ago I mentioned my kids chess club. It was held again this morning. It's actually probably less stressful than it was when I first blogged about it. But this is not to say that all of the annoyance is drained out of the event. As I mentioned this year we've combined two chess clubs. The low-key one I helped out with over the last few years, and the high octane one that has been going on in parallel. Well the high octane group has set up a ladder. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I think it's good that there's a system so that the kids can be playing people close to their own skill level, but the way they've got it set up you can challenge someone up to five rungs above you, and if you beat them then you switch places. If the challenger loses then nothing happens. This means that all the pressure is on the person being challenged. I know that in most ladder's you just drop a place rather than switching places, anyway...

Even though the ladder has only been in place this time and last time there's already someone who's clearly on top. The kid is a 1st grader, and obviously has the gift. I'm not saying he's Bobby Fischer, but he's definitely in a different league from all the other kids.

Most of the continuing annoyance is just the general having to be someplace at a certain time and how that warps everything around it, particularly since Friday is the one day where I have no commitments at the day job, so I'd like to really hit the ground running, but instead I have something else I have to be at first thing in the morning. Initially I told them I could only do it every other week, and I think that if that was still where things were at I'd be okay, but for the month of October the other guy has been busy every single time so I've had to fill in, so perhaps the rest of the year won't be quite as bad... I do enjoy spending time with my children, though I think I would enjoy it more if they were really enjoying themselves, but most of the time I get the feeling that they're only going for me.

There's far too much time to sit around and do nothing, but far too little time to do anything else


Anonymous Ed said...

Sounds like the chess club needs a dodgeball tournament to sort a few things out.

12:56 PM  

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