Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well after 23 straight days of blogging my repository of current stories and humorous observations is getting a little bare, so I thought I'd pull out something from my past. I was reminded of this story when I ended up walking and talking with one of my friends and ended up sort of inviting myself into the larger group he was going with to get a drink. I apologetically told them that I had pulled a "Sheldon". That's where this story comes in.

Several years ago we had a guy in the IT department named Sheldon. He was one of these people who got a job during the desperate dot com crunch and then struggled to hang on to it after the crash. His cause wasn't helped by his incesssent web-surfing, and frequent naps, but those weren't the attributes I was referring to when I said I had pulled a "Sheldon". That comes from a time when one of my friends had an H2, which he graciously allowed me to borrow so that I could have some fun. This was one of the days when I had borrowed it and I was taking a group of co-workers with me for a little drive. We had left the building, crossed a street and were nearly to the car when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere Sheldon appeared. I liked the guy well enough, but he hadn't been invited and for him to make such an enormous effort to invite himself (I have this vision of him looking out the window, sprinting down three flights of stairs and across the street) frankly took me aback.

I was so surprised that I ended up yelling at him. (things like "Where the Hell did you come from?!?") Later I felt kind of bad I'm sure he just wanted to be part of the group. But ever since then I've been very conscious of situations where it may appear that I invited myself. Lord knows that I don't want to get yelled at by some self-important prick.



Blogger aozora said...

Feisty memories. Forgive yourself already, Sheldon was creepy, but some degree of self-initiative is essential. Much depends on what you make of things after the fact.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous hallamigo said...

Sheldon reminds me of the "Don't be that guy" Automobile Edition

10:47 AM  

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