Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vomitous Offspring

It's been long enough that I almost thought we'd grown out of this stage, but no, at 3:00 am last night my number one son did something that required us to strip his bed and use copious amounts of Fabreeze. The problem with this thing is that by the time you're done it's actually fairly difficult after being awake for 30 minutes to get back to sleep. And then of course just as you do fall asleep they puke again and you have to get up and clean out the bucket. What's particularly distressing about his timing is that Grandma was going to have a sleep over for all the kids, which would have allowed me to basically work from dawn till significantly past dusk, as it was I spent a good part of the day home with him.

I'm not all that mad, it is nice to have an excuse for a break, but I was also looking forward to a kid-free house tonight... I guess whatever it was it was pretty virulent I guess it knocked out about 30% of his class, which is no mean feat even helped along by the perfect incubator that is elementary. Of course what this probably means is that all the kids are going to come down with it before it's over... Imagine my joy. I just hope that my robust adult immune system which I haven't abused at all recently will keep me from getting it.

Other than that I suffered some fairly severe blows to my confidence. Nothing I can really blog about, but it interesting that when you're a kid you imbue your parents with infinite wisdom, bravery and confidence (or at least I did) and when you discover that it's not infinite (though still far greater than your own) it's a profound learning experience. Of course even at 37 I still have a hard time viewing myself as Adult with a capital "A". I'm kind of just hoping that my children also give me the benefit of the doubt, at least for awhile.

Shaken, but not stirred


Blogger aozora said...

70 looks at 50, 50 looks at 30, 30 looks at the teenagers, and all of them say the same thing. "Young'un".

It works the same way in reverse. Sort of. I used the age of 45 as a distant milestone in declarations of youth. Now that I quickly approach the age, and feel little different, it seems much too low a mark to reference.

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