Monday, June 09, 2008

Euro 2008

Last night I was at an event and someone said, well we have to get home to see the game. And the first thing I thought was that the Germany-Poland match had to be over already, so what game could they be talking about... Well obviously they were talking about the NBA Finals, and I'm happy to say that the Celtics are up two games to none Yes, I know I'm closer geographically to the Lakers, but I'm not even sure what a Laker is, while on the other hand I definitely know what a Celt is, and I'm positive I've quite a bit of that in me. Anyway enough about the NBA finals on to Euro 2008.

Well given the fact that I lived there for two years the obvious choice for me to root for is The Netherlands. Going in, it was looking a little bit dicey for them, despite the fact that they're always one of the best teams in the world. They have a lot of amazing players, but they apparently just weren't quite gelling as a team. Plus they were in the "Group of Death" with Italy and France (and Romania, but I think it was those three that made it the "Group of Death"). Fortunately this morning France and Romania drew and while I've been writing this, Netherlands just scored a third goal to go up 3-0 against Italy with less than five minutes left (in other words it's over). So instead of having problems with the group after the first day they're comfortably on top having racked up a ton of goals and vanquished one of the other two competitors. At this point if they can beat Romania they'll almost certainly make it through to the next round.

What's interesting about this particular European Cup is that the birthplace of the game, England, didn't make it. Besides the fact that this is pretty unprecedented, it leaves the English needing someone to cheer for. As it turns out they also picked The Netherlands. Perhaps it was the additional boost of getting the English "Football Hooligans" on their side that really pushed them over the top in the crucial first game. Hopefully that will take them all the way to the championship. Now that would be pretty cool.

Hup Holland! Oranje Boven - Ole, Ole, Ole!


Anonymous Ed said...

Isn't "Ole" Spanish? :)

12:39 AM  
OpenID larriecampbell said...

That was a BEAUTIFUL game! The dutch have returned to their totaalvoetbal. This is their year and I've got a new TV (with DVR) so I won't miss a game. Sadly, however, I can't talk to you about it at work and check scores on The new web guy... I have no idea if he even knows what soccer is. What a pity shame.

12:53 AM  

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