Friday, May 23, 2008

Robert Asprin RIP

As I get older more people I know die... One more sucky thing about aging. Of course by know I mean more "know of". It's always sad when people you admire die, but when George Burns dies at 100. It's not quite as sad as when Douglas Adams dies at 49. Well we lost another great. Some of you may take exception to me calling Robert Asprin one of the greats since you've probably never heard of him, but trust me if you're ever looking for some laugh out loud fantasy parody he would definitely be your go to guy. In particular his Myth serious in particular was ridiculously funny.

I was ashamed to find out that after taking most of the 90's off for, as Wikipedia says, "a series of personal and financial problems". That he had restarted writing and that there are 8 Myth books that I haven't read. I'm going to have to pick those up. In any case back to the original topic: Robert was only 61, now I realize that that's not a bad run, but I also realize that my own parents are in that general area (definitely younger, but they can see it from where they are, that's all I'll say, so I don't get in trouble). I guess he was being picked up by another author so that he could be driven to a local SF convention where he was the guest of honor, and the other author found him dead, sitting on his couch with a SF book in his hand.

I guess as these things go there are worst ways to go than sitting in a comfy chair with a good book in your hand... Still, he will be mythed. (yes I know that's not original, but I think it's a pun he would have enjoyed...)

Better my parents than me...


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