Thursday, May 15, 2008

D&D 4E

From the very beginning it wasn't a question of if I would buy the 4th Edition D&D books, but of where I would buy them. The best price is basically Amazon, but as anyone in the gaming community knows there is a large amount of pressure to support the FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store), I may have already blogged about being torn between buying them off Amazon or buying them from an FLGS. Well I have 4 FLGSs within about about a 10 minute drive of my house, (which is probably more than the area can support). So if I was going to support an FLGS which one would it be?

Well one of the four is on the west side, so it's right out. That's kind of an inside joke. In reality it's just one of those situations where my mental geography of what's close doesn't match the actual geography, so that store has always felt farther away then the other two. Plus it's kind of a chain and one of the outlets is in Provo, so there's one more reason not to frequent it.

The second one is the biggest and most successful, Hastur Hobbies. I like the store, and I considered doing all of my 4E shopping with them, but despite liking the owner Cthulhu Bob, the rest of the staff always seems vaguely annoyed every time I'm there. And after having spent over $1000 there in the last few years that's really off putting.

The third one is where I bought all my Dreamblade minis from. And they're pretty cool, and they always greeted me by name. But for some reason, and I have no idea why, since Dreamblade went away I feel guilty every time I think about going into the store. I'm sure it's some twisted artifact of my puritanical upbringing, but it exists despite it's irrationality.

The fourth one just barely opened. They've got maybe 300 square feet of retail space that they carved out of a haunted house. What's great about that is that as long as it's not October they can use the entire haunted house as their gaming area, so they have a huge open gaming area, and a very tiny retail area. I went in on Monday mostly just to check them out and see what was up, since I'd never been in. But when I mentioned 4E they said they'd give me 20% off if I pre-ordered (if you're curious Amazon was offering 40% off). Well that was what I wanted to hear so I went ahead and put in my order.

One big advantage of going locally is that they're doing a midnight release party, so I can get my books well in advance of even the most optimistic estimate for them shipping from Amazon. The first product, an introductory adventure, comes out on the 20th, so I'll let you know how that is. When I get it next week.

I wonder if they'll do a midnight release for the adventure as well...


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