Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Jazz

So last night I went to a party to watch the 5th game of the Jazz series. (I can see Ed right now saying "So that's what happened!" *Shaking his fist* "Curse you Richey!!!") I tried to keep up with the sports banter, but I was pretty much out of my depth. I did manage to make a joke about Hakeem Olajuwon, since I was at least with it enough to remember that name, and that he had once played for the Rockets. I also made a history joke. Not a true joke mind you, but I referenced a poster that one of my brother-in-laws had posted on his blog, that I assume had show up at the San Fransisco protest of the Olympic Torch.

Anyway so I mentioned the text on this poster, and no one laughed. They all looked at me funny. The one guy tentatively said, "Didn't the Nazis have the olympics?" So not a huge success. I was about to whip out my World War 1 flying ace joke as my other history joke, but then the bishop walked in so I decided to shelve that one for awhile. Anyway back to The Jazz. If you hadn't heard it was pretty awful. The Rockets really spanked the Jazz. Of course the Jazz are still up 3-2 and the next game is at home, but if they play anything like that in the next two games it's over. Fortunately I have no intention of watching the next two games, so they should be okay.

My wife has her big concert on Friday and Saturday, so she has two rehearsals this week. One tonight and one yesterday, so since I wanted to go watch the game (or rather I felt sufficient social pressure to go watch the game, if it had been entirely up to me I would have stayed at work) I had the kids baby sit. My oldest was sick, so the second oldest was kind of on deck. They all did pretty well, though I did end up getting three calls on my cell phone during the course of the night. Which is of course another example of how kids have it pretty easy these days. When I was babysitting at that age we didn't have cell phones, you could call 911 (though I think even that wasn't around when I first started babysitting) or you could ignore it, but there wasn't anything for the in between issues...

The Cubs are doing well, for now...


Anonymous Ed said...

*crying into his Jazz towel* We are SO doomed.

5:20 PM  

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