Monday, April 28, 2008

Opportunities and Problems

You know that old cliche, "Problems are only opportunities in work clothes"? Well I think the reverse is true: "Opportunities are only problems after a shower and some deodorant." On Saturday evening I went to the closing banquet of the future problem solving competition. In addition to the substandard food I expected, and the normal awards they also brought up every single kid who had participated (in groups by school) and presented them individually a certificate, so it was pretty long, and tedious. I can say this because my daughter agreed.

Anyway I was glad I was there to see her team take third place for their skit. Then later they ended up taking first place in the elementary school division. Which means they all get to go to Michigan. This seems like a great opportunity, but as you might have guessed from the quote above, there's a problem. It's going to cost about $1100/head and most of the money has to be raised by the end of the week. Meaning that even if I knew someone who might be willing to sponsor them, there's very little time available to arrange that sort of thing.

We've decided that if necessary we'll just pay for our daughter to go, but as you can imagine the timing is not what I would call "ideal". Anyway, as you can imagine I'm very excited for my daughter, and that's what's most important, or so I keep telling myself...

Everyone check your couches!


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