Saturday, April 26, 2008

Carmina Burana

So a good friend of mine has season tickets to the symphony, but he had to move today, so last night was not a good time for him to go, so he gave his two tickets to me. They did a Kurt Weill symphony first, I forget which number (and it's not on their website). It was pretty good, but nothing to compare to Orff, which was the main event after intermission. I had originally intended to go with my wife, but our babysitter got sick so I took my oldest son (my oldest daughter had "Future Problem Solvers" all day today, so she needed to go to bed early). He behaved himself really well, and said he really enjoyed the pieces. As you might imagine he thought it was too long, two hours of classical music is beyond the attention span of most boys younger than about 18.

They ended up supertitling it, which, while useful and kind of interesting actually detracted, I feel, a little bit from the pure enjoyment of the music. Though it did allow the soloists to act out the words a little bit, which was funny. The Baritone in particular did a really good job. Perhaps the supertitling bugged me just because I was there with my nine year old son, and the subject matter of Carmina Burana is fairly racy, at least by the standards of orchestral classical music. In any event it was a good night, and I imagine that one day he'll use the fact that he saw Carmina Burana when he was 9 to burnish his cultured cred.

This assumes of course that at some point he'll want to seem cultured...


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